5G Over The UAE

5G In The UAE

The UAE ranks no. 1 in the world when it comes to mobile internet speed, with an average download speed eclipsing more that 204 Mbps. This is mainly because 5G technology and networks from both Etisalat and Du have rolled out across the UAE. These networks are delivering faster internet connection speeds and lower latency to capable devices. However, the new faster 5G networks produce considerably more EMF radiation than the previous 4G, LTE and 3G iterations.

Arguably it is now almost impossible to live without it, let alone avoid the new 5G networks, with increased demands on data, video calling, meetings, gaming and social interactions now all happening online.

Review the information below to see the 5G network coverage in the UAE as well as some stark facts regarding our mobile internet usage in the country. This information is sourced from the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority in the UAE (TDRA), the information is readily available as part of the open data the authority provides.

Fast 5G UAE Facts

World's Fastest
Mobile Data

UAE ranks no.1 in the world when it comes to mobile speed at over 204 Mbps

20M+ Mobile Subscriptions

For a country with a population of just under 10M, that means on average each person carries around more than 2 cellular connected devices

2.35 Mobile Broadband Subscriptions Per Person

There are even more data packs out there per user than active voice subscriptions

5G Coverage In UAE By Network Provider

Du 5G Network Coverage

Du 5G coverage across UAE

Etisalat 5G Network coverage

Etisalat 5G coverage across UAE

The above images show the 5G coverage available across the UAE as of April 2024. As you can determine from these images, 5G is throughly available throughout the country, even in the regional areas.

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In Conclusion

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