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Choosing The Right Device For Your Home Or Workplace

Selecting the appropriate Blushield device for your home and/or workplace in the UAE is crucial for effective EMF protection. There are three main points of consideration, these include; the size of the area, the density of location and the individuals sensitivity to EMF.

The table below highlights which of our devices may best suit your living space. For maximum coverage, and particularly for those sensitive to EMF we recomend picking the stronger protection level units. These emit a greater volume of dual band scalar waveforms, which means your body receives more natural signals rather than ambient EMF frequencies.

We also recommend you to think about how much EMF exposure reaches you while in your house. Consider every source of electricity and place extra emphasis on any cell towers or antennas within a 5 kilometer radius from your home. Also consider the number of wifi signals you can pick up and if you and/or your neighours have Smart Meters installed or DEWA electricity boxes nearby. Also factor in any extra wireless signals compring from appliances and devices in your home such as wireless doorbells, baby monitors, interactive smart speakers and other connected devices. The more EMF saturation in and around your home, the stronger Blushield model you'll require to negate it.

The Right Device For You

  Apartments & Single Rooms Townhouses & Small Businesses Villas & Wellness Centres Larger Homes & Offices
Device Phi 02 Plugin Phi 03 Hex Cube B1 Ultimate C1 Ultimate
Device Name Phi 02 Plugin Phi 03 Hex Cube B1 Ultimate C1 Ultimate
Size (cm) 8x3x1.1 10x10x3.5 10x10x11.5 10x10x10
Weight (g) 75g 150g 650g 750g
Output Dual Band Scalar Dual Band Scalar Dual Band Scalar Dual Band Scalar
Protection Range Up to 45 meters radius Up to 90 meters radius Up to 90 meters radius Up to 120 meters radius
Protection Strength Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 10
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