What is Blushield?

Blushield has developed a range of innovative solutions to shield you and your loved ones from the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Our technology neutralizes EMF radiation's negative impacts, making a your living space safer and healthier. With Blushield, you can enjoy the benefits of modern technology without worrying about potential health risks from excessive EMF exposure, leading to a more balanced, relaxed and fulfilling environment.


Mimic Nature

Blushield devices emit a frequency that mimics being in a natural environment. Our bodies are naturally better at tuning into organic frequencies rather than artificial electronic ones.

"It's like being in a forest, national park, or the countryside."

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Stay Connected

Blushield doesn't block phone or wifi signals, so you can use all of your devices normally. Performance or speed won't be impacted. Simply, your body will tune into the natural Blushield frequency rather than that coming from your connected devices.

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feeling better

Feel Better

Start feeling better and be happier with a Blushield device in your space. You'll be re-energised, more productive and some long term ailments may even disappear.

"I'm no longer always tired and I have far fewer headaches."

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Be Protected

With a Blushield device in your home, your workplace or pocket, you'll be tuned into Blushield's synthetic natural frequency and therefore be protected from harmful EMF absorption.

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