Below are some FAQs to help you discover which Blushield device is right for you. For any other questions relating to Blushield, EMFs and 5G radiation, please email us at sales@blushield.ae

Blushield Benefits

Blushield devices offer advanced EMF protection by emitting coherent frequencies that mimic natural environmental patterns. Unlike traditional EMF blockers, Blushield doesn’t just shield against electromagnetic fields; it actively overpowers them with a sophisticated system of resonant frequencies. This approach, based on mathematical algorithms inspired by nature, generates a protective field that’s robust enough to counteract disruptive EMF sources effectively.

Rather than merely attempting to block EMFs, which often proves inadequate, Blushield employs scalar waveforms that resonate with natural frequency patterns. This helps the body tune into these healthier frequencies through a phenomenon known as sympathetic resonance. Essentially, the body prefers and aligns with these beneficial frequencies, reducing the perceived threat of artificial EMFs and allowing the immune system to recover and strengthen.

Blushield’s technology is distinctively engineered using a low-power microprocessor, avoiding the high energy consumption and interference typical of other active EMF protection devices. This innovative approach not only minimizes stress on the body but also ensures compatibility with other electronic devices. Additionally, unlike devices that emit single or repetitive frequencies, Blushield’s variable frequency output continually adapts, preventing the body from becoming desensitized and ensuring long-term effectiveness.

With a development timeline spanning 30 years and an investment of over $2 million, Blushield sets the standard for EMF protection, effectively safeguarding up to 93% against EMF exposure and its consequent impacts on health.

Blushield technology offers several immediate benefits that contribute to enhanced well-being and quality of life. Users frequently report a noticeable increase in energy levels and improved sleep quality shortly after beginning to use the device. This can be particularly beneficial for those struggling with fatigue and insomnia.

Additionally, Blushield helps to reduce stress, providing a sense of calm and well-being that can impact all aspects of daily life. Many users also experience relief from various aches and pains, which may be attributed to the device's ability to help the body release stress and realign its natural energetic state.

These benefits are reported by users living in different environments and with varying levels of EMF exposure, indicating that Blushield devices are effective in multiple settings, from low to high EMF areas. For those looking to protect themselves from the potential effects of electromagnetic fields and improve their overall health, Blushield offers a practical solution.

Choosing the right Blushield device depends on the EMF density in your environment—be it rural, suburban, or urban. Our Blushield Product Guide offers tailored recommendations for each setting. For comprehensive protection, combine a home unit for continuous coverage with a portable device for on-the-go security. Together, they ensure round-the-clock EMF shielding. Learn more about the best Blushield solutions for your needs by consulting our detailed guide.

It is best to install the Blushield close to the people, instead of close to the electrical equipment. It is designed to affect the people, not the equipment. All persons within the sphere of influence will be protected from EMF.

If installing in a house, plug your stationary Blushield device in a hall or in a central part of the house, or anywhere that’s a protected area where the device won’t be bumped, knocked over, or where animals or small children can reach it. Keeping it in a protected area will ensure your Blushield lasts the entirety of the long life is was designed to have.

No, Blushield is not a blocking device. If it blocked EMFs, then your mobile phone and wifi would no longer work as intended or desired. Blushield provides protection directly at the cell level of living organisms, by producing a biologically coherent competing field that the body preferentially entrains with. It exists alongside the EMFs emitted by your other devices (including mobile phones and wifi), the Blushield gives your body a healthier option to resonate with, which removes the majority of the biological harm from the other EMFs.

Your dual band home device should emit a constant light when the device is plugged in, with an occasional flickering (which repeats approximately every half minute if you look very closely).The light is integral to the operation of the device, as the scalar field is generated using pure crystal photonics (light).

No, the Blushield is not emitting frequencies based on sound. It has no speaker or transducer. The Blushield emits a torsion/scalar field which is similar in nature to a cancelled magnetic field. This torsion/scalar field is generated by the microprocessor itself. The Blushield does not emit any kind of magnetic field or radio frequency, so it is also safe to use on airplanes and with pacemakers.

It's common for some users not to feel any immediate physical sensations when using Blushield devices, yet this does not reflect the level of EMF protection provided. Individual differences in genetic makeup can affect how sensitively you perceive the device's effects, but they do not influence the effectiveness of the protection.

Scientific assessments, including blood tests before and after using Blushield, have documented significant health benefits. These tests often reveal a marked decrease in biological markers of stress like oxidation and inflammation, indicating that the device is working effectively, even if you don't feel any different. Many users report noticeable health improvements over time that occur without altering their lifestyle, underscoring the device's efficacy.

Each person's experience with Blushield is unique, and the benefits are not dependent on one’s belief in the technology or wishful thinking, but rather on tangible, measurable changes in health markers.

Since it is virtually impossible to isolate yourself from EMF, whether it be in your home, office or in your car, Blushield gives you a healthy frequency field to resonate with, instead of trying to remove or alter the other EMFs (which doesn’t really work). The majority of the harm from the EMFs seems to come from the chronic oxidative stress produced by the body’s constant, strong immune response that tries to “attack and defeat” what it perceives as a foreign invader. In that way, it’s a lot like an autoimmune condition, so when the body can be calmed, feels safe, and no longer reacts to the EMFs with an excessive immune response (which over time becomes inflammatory and damaging to the body), the vast majority of the harm is removed.