Blushield stands out in the EMF protection market with its unique methodology. Unlike conventional devices that aim to block electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and shield the body from harmful radiation, Blushield employs scalar fields, which require a different evaluative approach. Traditional EMF protection devices typically rely on radio frequency (RF) meter readings to demonstrate a reduction in frequency when activated. However, the impact of these devices on biological systems—both human and animal—has seldom been rigorously tested.

Blushield's technology is fundamentally different. It does not seek to block EMFs but instead provides a protective mechanism through the generation of coherent, nature-based scalar fields. These fields effectively counteract the disruptive, incoherent electromagnetic fields emitted by man-made devices. The core principle behind Blushield’s effectiveness lies in its ability to resonate with biological cells. The natural resonance of Blushield’s scalar fields encourages cellular systems to entrain to these healthier frequencies, essentially enabling cells to disregard the harmful impacts of EMFs.

The efficacy of Blushield in protecting biological systems has been the focus of several studies. The most notable is a recent clinical pilot study conducted by an independent review board, which included 25 adult human participants. This study, along with four additional research efforts conducted in previously on both humans and animals, has demonstrated significant benefits in various unexpected aspects of health and biological integrity.

These studies collectively underscore Blushield’s superior performance in EMF protection, highlighting its ability to safeguard living organisms at a cellular level rather than merely attempting to block EMF exposure. This innovative approach positions Blushield as a leader in EMF protection technology, offering a scientifically valid and effective solution for mitigating the biological impacts of electromagnetic fields.

Blushield independent review board study

Independent Review Board: Certified Study on Human Subjects

This independent clinical study reviews and reports findings on the feasibility and effectiveness of Blushield in-home EMF protection devices.

Read the full study on the Blushield US website.

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blood tests

Human Live Blood Cell Analysis

Comprehensive analysis was conducted on a human male aged in their 30s, following 3 months of Blushield usage.

The results show a clear improvement in the subjects, health and well-being, with no other lifestyle factors changing over the study period.

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Blushield Chicken Study One Year

Year Long Study Of The Affects Of Blushield At A Poultry Farm

Following on from an accidential discovery of hens that were exposed to Blushield Scalar Frequencies produced twice as many eggs, we conducted a year long comprehensive study.

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Healthier Cows After Getting A Dose Of Blushield

A multi-month study discovered that cows became healthier after being exposed to Blushield. This was tracked by measuring to Somatic cells from the cows.

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