Bluzones Are EMF Safe Locations Across The Middle East

We partner with businesses to create harmonious environments for their customers. The Blushield devices in these locations emit silent resonant frequencies that provide a tranquil and calming atmosphere. These frequencies have been proven to benefit your health and well-being, as they mimic naturally occuring waveforms, our bodies better resonate with them and therefore block out EMF absorption. The best thing about a Bluzone is that it protects you from EMF and you are still able to use your wi-fi enabled devices and phones without any hindrance to performance so you can get your work done from a Bluzone.

Visit the UAE's Bluzones and enjoy dining, shopping, exercising or relaxing in an EMF protected and balanced space.

Looking To Establish A Bluzone At Your Business?

We're on a mission to set up Bluzones all over the Middle East, to provide people with EMF safe and harmonious settings to enjoy their daily activities. If you would like your business to stand out and provide your customers with a point of difference that will keep them coming back, then we'd love to hear from you. Email us at with your name, business name, type of business, location and phone number and we'll get back to you straightaway.

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