How Blushield Works

In today's modern era, EMF emitting devices are ubiquitous, with their prevalence increasing rapidly. From smartphones and laptops to Wi-Fi routers and smart home devices, these technologies have become essential parts of daily life. However, as the number of these devices grows, so does the strength of the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) they emit. This rise in EMF exposure has raised concerns about its potential health effects. It's crucial to be aware of these trends and take steps to mitigate EMF exposure where possible.

EMFs Are Emitted Everywhere

It's commonly known that we live all around EMF radiation and it is not good for our health and wellbeing. Basically any electronic device with a wire emits EMF at various levels. However, we also know in todays hyper connected society, it would be next to impossible to live without it.

Blushield has developed it's range of products to combat this and mitigate the risks of EMF exposure.

Blushield Counteracts EMFs With Natural Frequencies

Blushield devices emit a frequency that matches that of nature. Utilising a series of wavelength algorithms, Blushield produces a dual band scalar waveform that allows for constant coverage across the devices range.

Our bodies naturally prefer to become attune to the scalar waveform rather than that over the artifical EMF & 5G from electronic devices. So, Blushield equipment does not need to dampen or suppress the EMF signal to be effective. This means your devices won't be affected and you can continue to use them like normal as you body will now be focussing itself on the natural frequency from the Blushield device.

Once you step outside the protected Blushield range, your body will start again to "listen" to the surrounding EMF radiation.

Video Explanations: How Blushield Works

Invest in Your Health & Well-Being

EMFs are an unavoidable part of daily life, there are various ways of reducing exposure which we recommend you implement. The best way to reduce your exposure to EMF & 5G is to have a Blushield device in your home, Blushield's natural frequency technology makes it possible to live harmoniously with our EMF emitting devices and appliances without compromising our health and well-being.

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